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Elegant Swiss Watches For The Elevated World Explorer

Since Ariste Calame first set up his workshop in 1882, Zodiac has been building innovative Swiss watches designed for those who appreciate rich tradition, modern innovation and the ability to boldly keep time. Our collection of Swiss watches has grown a lot since those early days, and now includes a variety of expertly crafted watches with a range of functionality and features, depending on its wearers' unique and specific requirements. No matter which Zodiac Swiss watch you choose, you'll see that its iconic personality is engineered to complement your adventurous lifestyle every step of the way.

Chronograph Watches That Push The Limits Of Design & Innovation

If you're a person with discerning taste who requires something a little more elegant and refined than the average wristwatch, you'll be pleased to find that Zodiac's collection of Swiss watches has been designed with you in mind. From the stately Sea Dragon Chronograph's racing-inspired details and the Super Sea Wolf 53's iconic silhouette to the automatic Sea Dragon's colorful dial options and the Sea Wolf 68's reimagining of a treasured classic, each of our Swiss watches for men brings a unique set of offerings to the table. And no matter which Swiss watch you choose to wear, you'll be making a stylish statement with a timepiece that's been designed to stand out from the rest.

Wear Your Adventurous Spirit On Your Sleeve With A Zodiac Swiss Watch

Zodiac Swiss watches can trace their roots back to the late 1800s, but it wasn't until 1908 that founder Ariste Calame patented the name "Zodiac" and started production. By 1932 Zodiac had launched one of the first Swiss watches for men with analog quartz, and by 1949, Zodiac's offerings included a self-winding Swiss watch with a power reserve gauge measuring hours of power—no small feat for the '40s. By 1968, Zodiac had launch the first electronic Swiss watch, and today, we've reimagined these classic styles within each collection of new Swiss watches. Add one to your packing list when you're gearing up for your next exploratory adventure, and you'll see exactly what we mean.

Make A Refined & Stately Statement With A Chronograph Watch

Since the inception of the Zodiac Swiss watch brand, we've become synonymous with a lifestyle dedicated to exploration and adventure. That's why no matter which of our Swiss watches for men—from chronograph watches to tachymeter watches—you'll find that its advanced capabilities (like automatic movements, 48-hour power reserves, water resistance up to 100 ATM) are up for the job. And rest assured: With a Zodiac Swiss watch on your wrist, you'll be geared up for every occasion.